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Achewon Nimat Lodge - History (Part 3)

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Achewon Nimat History (continued):

The 1981 NOAC that year was held in Austin, Texas at the University of Austin.  Our Lodge had a contingent of about 14 people and we traveled to NOAC in two vans (Bill Parker’s Orange Pumpkin and another van).  For whatever reason, the Pumpkin didn’t have any air conditioning and our trip during the summer took us through Barstow, California (one of the hottest places on Earth).  As luck would have it, in addition to no air conditioning the drive train on the Pumpkin broke while we were in Barstow.  So the contingent had to wait as Bill looked for a place to get the Pumpkin fixed.  Nothing like breaking down in Barstow during August.  We made it to Austin on time where we stayed in the 10 story dormitory building at UOA (also not air conditioned).

In 1982 with the chapter system failing it was decided to discontinue it altogether in lieu of the village system.  Ten years after hosting our first conclave at Fort Cronkite, Achewon Nimat would host its second conclave in 1985 at the San Francisco Presidio with the theme of “Service, Tradition & Honor”.  Over 125 members attended to help the lodge in its duties and Shepherd Hendrix from Live Oak Village served as the Conclave Chairmen.  In September a new unrestricted brotherhood patch was released.  The patch used the new updated lodge patch design but would have a red border.

In 1986, to help the OA program in Oakland and San Francisco, and to comply with National policy, the lodge re-instituted the chapter system.  Live Oak and Golden Acorn Villages merged to form the Oakland Chapter, who called themselves Achewon Tulpe (Strong Turtle).  Golden Gate, Mission Trails, and Sierra Villages merged to form the San Francisco Chapter, to be called Royaneh.  The three other villages remained the same and were allowed to continue using their Indian names (Tres Ranchos was Amangi Nechochwen, Twin Valley was Seunen Paschengink and Mission Peak remained as Ohlone).  The lodge also attained the highest score among all the 69 Western Region Lodges in the Lodge Achievement Program during 1986.

In 1990, the lodge celebrated its 25th anniversary and also issued a replica of our original lodge flap with “25” added to it.  Requirements were put on the flap, much like the National OA’s 75th Anniversary Award.  1990 Also marked the first time in 25 years that the lodge was unable to achieve the National Honor Lodge Award.  This began a time of rebuilding for the lodge.

The annual lodge fellowship weekend known as the Mikemosin, was renamed to Achiefest in 1992.  That same year the lodge also sent a larger contingent to the National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) which was held in Knoxville, Tennessee and issued the first NOAC specific lodge flap.

In 1993 the lodge continued to grow and prepare for the Conclave and NOAC.  1994 was a banner year for us as we won our first ever Conclave Award at the Alameda Naval Air Station.  The lodge had its first Section Officer in 15 years when Jeremy Davis was elected to the section.  We also sent the largest contingent in the section to NOAC.

Like good fermented grape juice, 1995 was an even better year.  The lodge hosted the W3A Conclave at Camp Parks and won our second consecutive Conclave Award.  The attendance was great throughout the year, and continued our streak of National Honor Lodge recognition.  As this was our 30th anniversary year, the Lodge issued replicas of the Machek N’Gult and Royaneh flaps to members who met a participation requirement.

1996 was the year in which we ended a 20-year Most Indian Lodge Award drought.  To top off yet another great conclave, we again won the Conclave Award, making it three years straight, we had another member become a section officer, Ken Morton, and we sent another large contingent to NOAC at Indiana University.

In 1997 Jeremy Davis became Section W3A chief.  Achewon Nimat won its fourth Conclave Award in a row and our second consecutive Most Indian Lodge Award, but lost our Indian Handball championship.  During this year, 2 more members of our lodge became section officers, Rocky Fernandez and Ed Smith.

In the duration of 1998 through 2000 we continued with our streak of winning Conclave and Most Indian Lodge Awards.  In 2000, the lodge dance team achieved its long term goal of winning the Indian Dance competition and taking home the coveted (and enormous) Dance Trophy.

2002 proved to be an outstanding year for the lodge.  We brought our streak of winning the Conclave Award to nine straight years, when we hosted the W3A Conclave at Camp Royaneh.  This same year Dominic Pascucci was elected Western Region Chief, the second national officer in the history of our Lodge (Larry Teshara was National vice chief in 1961 from Royaneh Lodge).

In 2003, our streak of winning the Conclave Award was brought to an end when the Lodge placed third at the Conclave at Roaring Camp Railroads in Felton, CA.  Matt Griffis who was Lodge Chief in 2001 & 2002 was elected Western Region Chief, marking the first time ever that any lodge in the country has had back-to-back national officers.  The lodge commemorated this event by issuing a special lodge flap.

In 2004 the lodge took second place at the Conclave, which was held at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds in Watsonville.  In the summer of 2004 the lodge sent a contingent of 10 members to NOAC, which was held at the Iowa State University.  At the conference, the standing Western Region Chief resigned from his position due to personal reasons and the National Chief appointed Matt Griffis to finish the term.  For their service to the Order of the Arrow, Dominic Pascucci and Matt Griffis both received the Distinguished Service Award.

In 2006 Achewon Nimat Lodge joined the online world when our Web site “” was created and launched by Lodge Adviser Charles Hoffman.  2006 also saw us winning our tenth conclave award when the conclave was located at Cutter Scout Reservation.  


In 2008 eleven arrowmen from Achie participated in the ArrowCorps 5 project in the Shasta-Trinity Mountains.  The arrowmen spent a week working on the Pacific Crest trail and assisting the National Forest service.  The following year when Achewon Nimat hosted the 2009 Conclave at Camp Royaneh we took home the coveted Conclave award for an astonishing 11th time.

In 2010 during the centennial celebration of the Boy Scouts of America, Achewon Nimat celebrated 45 years as a combined lodge and 66 years since our founding lodges were formed.  One of the big events of the year that the lodge was involved with was the Northern California Jamboree that was held at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton.  Over 20,000 Scouts, Leaders and the public participated in this three day event to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Scouting.

At the Section Conclave held at the Presidio of Monterey, Achewon Nimat Lodge Chief Indy Nelson was voted as the new Section Chief of the W3S section for the 2011-2012 scouting year.  Indy would become the 9th member of our lodge to lead the section since its founding in 1965.

2011 was a sad year for our Lodge as we lost two dedicated and longtime great members, Bill Parker and Jim Smith.  In honor of their dedication and commitment to the ideals of scouting and the Order of the Arrow, a NOAC Conferenceship Fund was setup in Bill Parkers name.  This endowment fund is setup in perpetuity to recognize Bill’s passion for NOAC and his years of service to Scouting and the Order of the Arrow.  The purpose of the endowment fund is to provide monies toward a youth’s participation in the National Order of the Arrow Conference.

In October of 2011 after months of discussions, the SFBAC and the Mt. Diablo/Silverado Councils announced that our two great councils would be merging sometime in 2012 pending the outcome of the stakeholders meeting on August 29th, 2012.  Along with the merging of the Council so too would Achewon Nimat Lodge and Ut-in Selica Lodge combine their membership into one strong Lodge.  Although almost two years of discussion and planning went into the anticipated merger, on August 29th, 91% of the SFBAC voted in favor of the merge while 60% of the voting members of the Mt Diablo Silverado Council voted not to unite.  Misleading information distributed by some of the MSDC members upset at the possible merger officially ended the creation of the Golden Gate Area Council.  Achewon Nimat would continue to serve as the Order of the Arrow Lodge for the San Francisco Bay Area Council.

Also in 2011 the San Francisco Bay Area Council Campership Fund was started with a “seed” gift from Achewon Nimat Lodge.

In 2013 at the new Summit Bechtel Jamboree site in West Virginia, a building was dedicated to the Order of the Arrow which contains a giant fireplace that hark’s back to the late 1940’s when E.  Urner Goodman built a stone fireplace at his residence in Bondville, Vermont.  What’s special about the fireplace is that it contains rocks provided by the different Lodges from across the Country.  The rock from our council is inscribed with “Achewon Nimat, San Leandro” and came from an outcropping of rocks located at Wente Scout Reservation near the dam.  The fireplace at E. Urner Goodman’s Brotherhood Barn next to his home residence in Vermont also contains a special rock from the Oakland Area Council inscribed with the symbol of Camp Dimond-O which closed in 1978.

In October of 2013 with the number of active arrowmen in the Lodge decreasing, a number of changes were instituted that affected the entire Lodge.  The villages of Amangi Nechochwen and Achewon Tulpe merged to form the Husa Wimachtendienk village.  The name of the new combined village however would not last long.  

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