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Achewon Nimat Lodge - History (Part 4)

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Achewon Nimat History (continued):

The other major change in 2013 was that the number of ordeals was reduced from three ordeals to two ordeals per year and the Klondike Derby snow camping adventure was canceled until more arrowmen become active.  At the 48th annual banquet in December, Lodge Chief Hans Mortimer resigned due to school commitments at UC Berkeley.  Vice-chief Ryan Shepodd stepped up and was sworn in as the new lodge chief to complete the 2013-2014 lodge year.

Following the January 2014 LECM meeting the youth members of the recently merged village Husca Wimachtendienk voted to change the name of the village to “Wekemnayon”.  The name Wekemnayon was originally used as the chapter name for the Live Oak, Golden Acorn, Charrowood and South villages in the mid 70’s until the chapter system was discontinued in our Lodge.  It was a good fit to once again use the Wekemnayon name.  

Early in 2014, the NOAC centennial project for the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow was begun which included creating a booklet to document the history of our lodge. The second portion of the project was the centennial crate to hold wood from our council camps to be burned at NOAC. The ashes would be co-mingled with the ashes from other lodges and given to attendees at NOAC as a memento.  The NOAC centennial crate from Achewon Nimat contained a sampling of wood from each of the council camps where our lodge has held ceremonies since 1944.  Redwood to symbolize the majestic tall trees from Camp Royaneh in Sonoma County and Camp Lilienthal in Marin County where Royaneh Lodge was founded.  Cedar to symbolize the trees from the hills of Camp Dimond-O near Yosemite and pine to symbolize the local trees from Wente Scout Reservation in Willits, Rancho Los Mochos in the Livermore hills and Camp Dimond in Oakland where Machek N’Gult was founded.  

2014 also marked the first time since the early 1990’s that unit elections and tap outs would be held at summer camp.  The Scout Exec agreed to a plan that would designate one camp staff member as the Order of the Arrow camp representative who would have the responsibility to promote the OA and run elections during summer camp.  

As 2014 is closed out, a special 50th anniversary banquet honoring the merging of Machek N’Gult Lodge 375 and Royaneh Lodge 282 was planned for the end of the year.  On December 13, 2014 exactly 50 years to the day that our two former lodges merged at Goodman’s restaurant in Oakland, a similar celebration was held once again but this time at the Council Office with over 100 Arrowmen in attendance.

A special issue lodge flap available only at the dinner to commemorate the event was made available to those in attendance.  Former lodge advisers, chiefs and arrowmen from both Machek N’Gult and Royaneh were in attendance and the theme of the night was “A Blast to our Past” with memorabilia displays featuring both former lodges.

The year 2015 began with the Winter Camp Awareness training session held aboard the USS Hornet in Alameda.  Over 260 Scouts and 40 arrowmen from the SFBAC and other councils attended the day-long event.  In preparation for the NOAC 2015 event, the Order of the Arrow requested that all former or discontinued lodges provide a rock for the temporary centennial fireplace to be built at NOAC.  The rocks would then be transported to the Summit Bechtel Reserve to be incorporated in a permanent fireplace honoring all lodges of the Order of the Arrow.  Two rocks were obtained for Machek N’Gult and Royaneh Lodges.  The rock for Machek N’Gult was located on the former grounds of Camp Dimond in Oakland near the site of the amphitheater where Machek N’Gult was founded.  The rock for Royaneh was located at Camp Royaneh down in the river bed of East Austin Creek where ceremonies were held at the camp.  The former lodge names were then inscribed in the two rocks by the Bras & Mattos Monument Company of Hayward.

In May the lodge youth leaders attended a weekend retreat at the Youth Retreat Center operated by the Diocese of Oakland in Pleasant Hill.  The two day event was used to discuss the operations of the lodge and planning the events of the next year.  The site offered a great location to hold the leadership training.

On July 6 the National ArrowTour contingent arrived at Wente Scout Reservation to recognize the rich 100 year history of the order.  A number of large tents were erected on the peninsula by both the ArrowTour crew and Achewon Nimat members to showcase the history of the Order.  The various tents included a trading post, a NOAC museum, a branding station, an information booth and an Achewon Nimat history booth. As a gift from the ArrowTour committee for hosting the event, the lodge was given a large black cylinder to use as a time-capsule to be buried and then unearthed in 50 years (2065).

At the end of July a contingent of 16 arrowmen began their 3000 mile journey across the Country via Amtrak to NOAC at Michigan State University to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow.  On the second day of our cross-country trip, along the rails near Harve, MT, Jeffrey Kline, Angelo Huerta and Elijah Watkins sealed their membership in the Order of the Arrow and were presented their brotherhood sashes. This was the first time in our lodge history that arrowmen from Achewon Nimat have been presented their Brotherhood honor on a train.  

Prior to NOAC, the Contingent spent three days in Chicago touring a number of museums before continuing the train trip over to NOAC.  In total the contingent spent 15 days and traveled 6000 miles through 17 states.  One of the highlights of the trip was watching 15,000 arrowmen signing the song “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen at the NOAC opening show.

The September 2015 ordeal held at Camp Royaneh was the first combined ordeal between Orca lodge 194 of the Redwood Empire Council and Achewon Nimat lodge.  Over 75 members and candidates helped to take down tents and prepare Camp Royaneh for the coming winter months.  Orca conducted the pre-ordeal and ordeal ceremony while Achewon Nimat conducted the Brotherhood ceremony.

At the 50th anniversary of the first Lodge Banquet on December 12th, longtime adviser Harry Clyde stepped down as Lodge Adviser of Achewon Nimat.  Harry had been the Lodge Adviser for 5 years starting in 2010.  During his tenure, the lodge got back to its roots of being a boy run organization.  At the banquet, Brother Eric Parnell, former Lodge Chief Rob Wong and Website Adviser Steve Kline accepted the role of sharing the duties of the Lodge Adviser.  During the evening festivities, eight members of the lodge received the Order of the Arrow Century Award, a special one-time award honoring lodge members both past and present that have made a significant impact to the Order of the Arrow.  A special round patch resembling the first Lodge flap was issued at the dinner to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Lodge Banquet.  The contents of the ArrowTour time-capsule was also displayed for the attendees.  The capsule is to be buried at Camp Royaneh at some point and dug up in the year 2065.

The Golden anniversary of Achewon Nimat and the Centennial anniversary of the Order of the Arrow ended with a bang as the members of Achewon Nimat along with their guests circled the banquet tables, crossed arms and sang the song of the Order.

Achewon Nimat History (the next 50 years, 2016 onward):

As 2016 begins, so too does the next 50 years of Achewon Nimat Lodge.

The Klondike Derby Outdoor Snow Camping trip was held at Camp Hi-Sierra near Pinecrest with an attendance of over 300 scouts.  The 2016 Klondike also marked the first time the Lodge had the ability to cook for the campers as we took advantage of the facilities at Hi-Sierra.  The weekend was mild but cold.

The age of video across the Internet also was used for the first time during the Lodge elections held at Camp Royaneh.  Facetime was used by Mark Stephenson to run for the office of Vice Chief of service as he was unable to attend the elections in person.  Mark was elected to the position by the way and Kyle Berg was voted into the office of Lodge Chief for the second year in a row.

The 2016 W3S Conclave was held at Camp Royaneh and hosted by our lodge.  Over 400 arrowmen from the section attended the three day event.  Members of Achie took home the Grizzly Award which is the top award at the Conclave.  The Lodge also took first place in the Indian Hand ball competition which was a very spirited event due to over the top emotions on the part of some of the players.

At the Ordeal in June, the San Francisco Bay Area Council celebrated its 100th anniversary. 100 years ago on June 4, 1916, the Oakland Area Council (#21) of the Boy Scouts of America was formed.  Five months later in November 1916 the San Francisco Council (#51) was formed.  Along with the celebration of the 100th anniversary, the SFBAC also released a set of six new Council Shoulder Patches and an Order of the Arrow Lodge Flap.  The Lodge flap was made available on June 4, 2016 at the Royaneh ordeal exactly 100 years to the day after our original councils were founded.

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