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Journey To Excellence

Journey To Excellence:

When the Boy Scouts of America launched the new strategic plan, a transition was made to a new program to measure unit, district, and council performance. Following the Boy Scout's transition, the national OA committee adopted the Journey to Excellence program to replace the National Quality Lodge program. Journey to Excellence places emphasis on continuous improvement. Just as the Boy Scouts of America Journey to Excellence program recognizes each level of the organization (Unit, District, Council), the OA's program creates Journey to Excellence recognition for chapters, lodges, and sections.

Journey to Excellence (JTE):

The JTE pocket patch is designed to aid in meeting the JTE Membership and Brotherhood Conversion requirements.  In order to obtain this patch an Arrowman must accomplish one of the following:

1. One patch will be awarded to each Arrowman that completes his or her Brotherhood conversion within 15 months of his or her  Ordeal.

2. Over one Lodge year (July 1 – June 30) Arrowmen will be awarded one JTE pocket patch each five (5) Ordeal members he or she brings to an Ordeal and who seal their membership in the Order of the Arrow by Brotherhood conversion at that Ordeal.  The 5 Arrowmen must be registered for the Ordeal in advance of the date of the Ordeal.

3. Over one Lodge year (July 1 – June 30) Arrowmen will be awarded one JTE pocket patch for each ten (10) completed re-registration forms with registration fees submitted to  Achewon Nimat Lodge for members who were not been registered during the last lodge year.  Any of the 10 who are Ordeal members must also seal their membership in the Order of the Arrow by  Brotherhood conversion before they will be counted as one of the 10.  Lists of applicable  Arrowmen will be provided upon request.  

The patches will be controlled and awarded by the Lodge Adviser and Lodge Treasurer Adviser.  Please address questions to

Plan to Achieve GOLD Level of Journey to Excellence

To qualify as a Gold level recognition in the Journey to Excellence program, the Achewon Nimat Lodge must renew its charter on time with appropriate fees and achieve the objectives below.  

Section 1- Finance

1.  The Lodge will complete an annual budget, obtain the Council Executive’s approval of the budget, close the year with a positive operating balance that is at least as great as the budget projection.  

2.   The Lodge will contribute a minimum of $3.50 per registered member in cash and materials to the council.

Section 2 – Membership

3.  Required.  The Lodge will grow its membership by at least 3 percent over the 2011 registration number.

4.  The Lodge will induct at least 60 percent of eligible Ordeal candidates into the Order of the Arrow.  

5.  Required.  The Lodge will convert at least 71 of eligible Ordeal members to Brotherhood status.

6. The Lodge will achieve 70 percent membership retention for 2012.

Section 3 - Program

7. The Lodge will complete elections for 100 percent of the requesting units.

8. The Lodge will achieve its attendance goal at scheduled section and national events.  The Lodge will send at least 8 members to the Section W3S Conclave and at least 1 youth member and three adults to the 2012 NOAC.

9. The Lodge will have a written Lodge Communications Plan and publish a Lodge newsletter at least quarterly and contribute information to the Council website.

10. The Lodge will improve Lodge membership participation at all Lodge events to at least an average of 20 percent of Lodge membership at all Lodge events.

11. The Lodge will publish a written annual plan (Planbook), which has been approved by the Council Executive.

Section 4 – Council Service

12. The Lodge will complete service projects for the council camps and/or service center, and a council-approved community service project equal to at least 3 hours of service per Lodge member.

13.  The Lodge will conduct camp promotion contacts through telephone calls during the Council Camping Committee phone solicitation, a phone tree message to at least 80 percent of the council troops and crews and via the Lodge website on the council website.

14.  The Lodge will provide OA member staff support for 5 council and district program events.

15.  The Lodge will complete at least 3 Scout Executive designated program support projects.

Section 5 – Leadership and Governance

16.  The Lodge will conduct one or more Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) courses with qualified instructors and using the current LLD materials (available at to train 80 percent of elected Lodge and Village officers and their adviser and Lodge Committee Chairmen and their advisers.

17.  The Lodge will submit a written annual report of accomplishments to the Council Executive Board.  The Lodge Chief will make a verbal report to the Council Executive Board.

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