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What is a Village?:

Within each district of the San Francisco Bay Area Council there is a Village from Achewon Nimat Lodge.  The Village is composed of Arrowmen (youth) from various troops within that district.  The Village is the heart of the Lodge. Each Village serves part of the San Francisco Bay Area council. Villages help plan and carry out various activities and service projects for their district and community such as camporees.

What Village am I in?:

There are five districts in the the San Francisco Bay Area Council.  The village you are in corresponds to the community that you participate in Scouting.

1.  Golden Gate District (Royaneh Village)

2.  Mission Peak District (Ohlone Village)

3.  Peralta & Tres Ranchos District (Wekemnayon Village)

4.  Twin Valley District (Seunen Paschengink Village)

5.  Council Scouters (Lepweinu Village)

Ohlone (Mission Peak District)

Royaneh (Golden Gate District)

Seunen Paschengink (Twin Valley District)

Wekemnayon (Peralta & Tres Ranchos District)

Lepweinu (Scout Exec, Staff Adviser, etc)

Click on the village link below to access your village information

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