Fall Induction at Los Mochos (10/18/19): Thirty-one new members along with forty-three current members spent a fantastic weekend at Los Mochos for the fall Induction. Lots of projects were completed including the leak of fire hose riser which had been leaking for a couple of years. Thank you all to all the members for your dedicated service to the San Francisco Bay Area Council. 2019-2020 Lodge Officers Elected: Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Achewon Nimat Lodge and Village Officers that were sworn-in at the Royaneh Induction & LECM. The new officers are: George T. (WCA Chairmen), Aaron R. (Lodge Chief), Andrew T. (Suenen Chief), Nicholas M. (Lodge Treasurer), Stephan P (Lodge VC Activities), Chris S. (Past Lodge Chief), Hayden H (Suenen VC Inductions), Melody F. (Lodge VC Service), Vincent T. (Ohlone Chief), Jason C. (Lodge VC Inductions) and Aaron M. (Suenen VC Communications). We look forward to a fun and exciting year ahead. Spring Induction at Camp Royaneh: ….. 29 new members, 7 new Brotherhood members, 4 new women in the OA, a full board of new Lodge officers sworn into office, & tons of fellowship, food, & Fun! Congratulations to everyone on their accomplishments & Thank You to everyone who came out and helped us make this weekend happen! On a side note, Achewon Nimat Lodge is honored to welcome our first three female youth arrowman to the lodge and the Order of the Arrow. Congratulations all.

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