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The following training documents (in PDF format) are available for download from the Forms / Resources page for support in teaching Winter camping. Click on the individual document name to open the file. You can then save the document to your computer for distribution. First Aid (size 930K) - this document discusses cold weather and high altitude first aid issues. Sleeping Warm (size 587K) - this document discusses sleeping bags and ways to stay warm at night. Stoves and Fuel (size 455K) - this document talks about the safety and use of stoves and various fuels. Tents and Terrain (size 1,192K) - this document talks about tents and snow shelters. Winter Clothing (size 105K) - this document talks about staying warm in the cold. Winter Foods (size 225K) - this document talks about various foods to keep you warm and happy. Order of the Arrow Presentation - this document presents information about the OA. Winter Camp Awareness Registration Form : WCA Registration Form - This form is located on the Forms page. Map to Winter Camp Awareness (2020): The Winter camp Awareness Seminar will be held on the USS Hornet at Alameda Point. Click on the map for directions.

Winter Camp Awareness (WCA)

Get all our boys ready to camp in the winter months! A MUST for all new Scouts, and a nice refresher course for your older boys. Winter camping is a fun activity that builds friendships as well as developing leadership and outdoor skills. However, this type of activity presents many hazards that would be difficult to overcome if the unit is not well prepared. At Winter Camp Awareness experienced Scouts teach classes covering the skills needed to provide any first aid that might be needed while snow camping as well as discussions concerning what to pack. The first aid class will cover details about diagnosing cold related illnesses and how to treat and prevent them in addition to covering other common first aid issues. Other classes will cover what type of snow camping equipment is needed on a group and an individual level, including things needed to sleep warm at night, necessary clothing to stay warm and dry during the day, types of stoves and fuel that work well in the snow and at high altitudes, and how to build snow shelters as well as choosing a snow shelter that works best for the conditions in which you find yourself.

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