On Wednesday evening December 16, 2020, the three lodge chiefs from the legacy lodges announced at the GGAC Board of Directors meeting the name of the new lodge. Yerba Buena Lodge of the Golden Gate Area Council was officially revealed at the end of the meeting.

Lodge Merger - Yerba Buena Lodge

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Lodge Merger Status

The Lodge Chief and his two appointed arrowmen have been involved in online meetings with the other lodges to discuss the merger. This team is meeting twice a month to hash our the various topics. The goal is to have the various phases completed by earlier 2021. if you have questions regarding the lodge merge, send them to lodgemerge@achewonnimat.org ”. Click here for a list of all the key decisions completed. Phase 1 (Foundation) - Completed a. Eric Parnell will be the Lodge Adviser for the new Lodge b. Lodge year to be based on annual calendar and not school year calendar (January to December) c. Lodge will have 1 chapter/village to 1 district. d. Financially support GGAC operations and endowments yearly Phase 2 (Program) - Completed a. June ordeal will be held at Camp Wolfeboro, always. b. Two other ordeals will be held at one of the other four camps. 1) Spring induction and Fall Induction c. Holiday Party & Lodge Banquet in December. d. LLD beginning of February, Fellowship in April e. WCA and Klondike Derby early in year f. Webelos Woods Support Phase 3 (Operations) - Completed a. Communications: Email, Discord for communications b. Website for resource information not communications c. Newsletter once a quarter d. Social Media - Instagram and Facebook e. Bead system for activity recognition f. New Member Award & Non-Member Award g. Chapter of the Year Award & Elangomat Award & Arrowman of Year Award (both Youth & Adult) h. Finance management to be discussed in sub committee Phase 4 (Org Structure) - In Progress a. b. Phase 5 (Identity) - TBD Phase 6 (Transition/Finance) - TBD